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Make sure to go vote on it!! AND ENJOY SQUIDOS


2016-07-07 15:11:26 by AngelXMIkey

Gonna be live pretty much all day trying to finish this. Gonna watch Game Grumps, Bobs Burgers, and probably music at some point so come join me

Squid Sisters PICARTO

2016-06-26 14:09:08 by AngelXMIkey

Heya guys new animation within the next two weeks (hopefully) Im pretty much streaming everyday as Im trying to finish.

So come follow me on Picarto, so you can see me animate the Squid sisters, Callie and Marie, sing thier hearts out and be a lil sexy~



Hey guys Im Michael McBride, aka AngelXMikey.

I grew up with Cystic Fibrosis, which is a genetic lung disease. My body cant control severaL things, like mucas production, so my lungs get filled up and cause infections, lowered lung function, stunted growth, bad digestion, etc. In 2013 I was at the end of my rope, I was put on the Double Lung Transplant list, but honestly didn't think I was gonna make it. By some miracle I got my transplant just 2 months after being put on the list. By the look of my lungs, doctors said I had about 1-2 months left to live if I didnt get it. 2 years later Im living a normal life, for the first time in my life.

Read the rest of the Forum Post here:

New DBZ Parody Released!!!

2015-08-03 23:26:17 by AngelXMIkey

5 months in the making (mostly cause I managed to swoop up a girlfriend and spent a lot of time with her) its finally HERE!!


Wanna Watch me Animate!?

2015-02-16 20:22:30 by AngelXMIkey

Hey guys do you wanna see my method of animating and stuff. You wanna learn?

Then Follow me on to see my process.

I try to do Tuesdays and Thurdays, but sometimes I'll just get an itch to go live. LIKE TONIGHT (2/16/2015) So join me once I go live.


Game Pirates

2015-02-02 11:49:08 by AngelXMIkey

Hello me and Coolisushi have created a gaming channel. Join us on adventures of exploring known and unknown games. Enjoy ye self


What is to Come in 2015

2014-12-31 12:09:58 by AngelXMIkey


Hiatus is Over

2014-12-03 00:48:26 by AngelXMIkey

Hello guys, I know Ive been gone awhile. Thats cause I had a lung transplant 1 year ago. So I took the time to just practice my animation skills. You can see a lot of what I learned here in my newest animation Peach Soft:

With this starts a new age in the life of AngelXMikey. My Youtube page is gonna start getting packed with new content such as:

Let's Draws

Let's Plays?

Flash Tutorials

Animation Tutorials

Voice Reels



Storyboard cartoons


Im very excitied for the next year, cause of all thats planned. But you wont have to wait long, all this is sarting this month. So go Subscribe to my Youtube,

I also revamped my Facebook page and is now being fequently updated so Like and Follow there

and also check out my Tumblr and Twitter

Alright have a good day and expect big things from me in the near future. :D


2014-01-12 12:10:52 by AngelXMIkey

WOOOOOOOO!!! DAILY SECOND on my new toon The Very Best  Thanks guys.

Well from now until im finished (3-4 months) I'll be working on an animation called Every Breath so stay tuned for that.

Until then keep up-to-date on me by following or subbing to these sites :D