Entry #1

More Pokemon......are coming

2012-10-08 23:27:45 by AngelXMIkey

Yup im working on a new pokemon parody :D
http://angelxmikey.deviantart.com/art/Coming-soo n-331478194


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2012-10-09 07:39:57

Looks cool. :)

AngelXMIkey responds:

Got some good voice actors for it, this will be a very memorable parody.


2012-10-10 09:45:28

more pokemon? a little bit too much pokemon on ng

AngelXMIkey responds:

Well people have been begging me for another Pokemon Parody, so im doing it for the fans.


2012-10-10 11:47:56

WOW LOOKS SUPER ORIGINAL, I CAN'T WAIT CAZ POKEMANS R TOTALLY FUCKING FUNNY AWESPME, I LIKE CHARMAND THE MST. All honesty, tired of pokemon parodies, especially the egoraper rip offs that people are constently doing. Why not show a little creativity for a change, make something fresh and interesting.

Finish it, but use the knowledge you gain from animating it to put towards something original, in the future. Newgrounds doesn't need more pokeman parodies, they will only contribute to its downfall.

AngelXMIkey responds:

LOL I have to original animations waiting to be posted on another site XD. My pokemon parodies are nothing like egoraptor, the style isn't even remotely close. Each script is freshly made by me, and no one else. I do have other scripts that i plan on making. But this script beat them all, to be honest Im surprised no-one has thought of it. but i guarantee u wont be disappointed